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HOA Abuse in Lake Shore, MN

Read here of horrible abuse and corruption by power hungry, egomaniac-control freaks on an HOA Board in Lake Shore, Minnesota (Baywood Town homes, Homeowners Association). Violating HOA rules and regulations with stunning Ineptitude led to violating the law of the state of Minnesota health department. When I insisted this be stopped, the HOA board retaliated against me, demonizing-character assassination-discrimination, chronic harassment, bullying, threats of severe legal action.
Human Kindness?

• Conspiracy, reckless libel slander, perjury and fraud. (HOA Board of Directors; Leslie Johnson, Roger Wenschlag, Charles Pearson, Mark Spiczka, Micheal Caron, Donald Cox, along with attorney Thomas Pearson - board members son). Deceitful to the very core.
• Breach of Rules and Regulations fiduciary duties.
• Invasion of homeowners privacy - Peeping Tom camera's.

HOA Bullying Reign of Terror "Threats",
Revenge Against Me (Whistle Blower) Continues in Full Force!

Leslie Johnson

Baywood HOA
Board Member

• Leslie Johnson,
(Unit 312)
• On Board for years and years.
• "I like being on the board,
I like getting after people!"
(Pre-Meditated Bogus Charges)

Charles Thomas Pearson

Baywood HOA
Board Member

• Charles Thomas Pearson
(Unit 204)
• On Board for years and years.

Thomas Charles Pearson

Baywood HOA
Attorney (agent)

• Thomas Charles Pearson.
(Unit 205)
Son of Board President Charles Pearson (Father & Son Team, Nepotism)

Surveillance (Spy) Camera

Baywood HOA
Surveillance (Spy)
• Camera's Spying on Homeowners on their private property.
Charles Pearson Unit
(Father & Son Team, Nepotism)

Lawyer Thomas Charles Pearson

Gammello Qualley & Pearson, Mallak PLLC law office Baxter, MN

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Read more of Mr. Pearson in the statement below.

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HOA/CLERGY Abuse-Corruption is rampant throughout the United States. Rogue HOA board members and their attorneys need to be reined in with better laws protecting homeowners. This must be done, it can be done however, this needs your support.

You can help, will you help?

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Homeowner / Whistleblower
Raymen Starkka exposes abuse and corruption and how he went to war with this unethical, corrupt HOA

I have Raynaud's disease (vascular disorder) and rotator cup deterioration in both shoulders. Well documented in doctors records and with instructions on how to care for both. My doctor's have instructed me to exercise my shoulders to avoid pain (surgery).

My doctors have instructed me to keep my body warm to avoid vascular attacks (pain) from the Raynaud's disease ( also avoid stress as this triggers attacks). I have found exercising in a heated swimming pool is ideal. I try to exercise at least three times a week or more for an hour or more each time. I spend cold weather months in a warm climate (Arizona) because of Raynaud's disease. I bought my home at the Baywood (HOA) community because of the heated swimming pool. I have informed all homeowners (HOA members) of my health conditions and why our community rules and regulations (R&R'S) must not be violated pertaining to my health, to what appears to be of, no avail. I do not ask for anything special only that our R&R'S not be violated! Our R&R'S are very clear as is the Minnesota state health department laws pertaining to a (our) swimming pool. When our R&R'S were not followed (violated) I confronted the HOA board (to no avail). I then contacted the Minnesota Health Dept. The Health department people responded and addressed the many violations to our (HOA). Then the HOA began retaliation against me (whistle blower) with cruel and inhumane punishment for contacting the Minnesota Health Dept. people. Demonizing me in HOA newsletters as a troublemaker causing extreme unnecessary HOA expense, Bogus accusations/charges, fines. Premeditated by Leslie Johnson (inept board member who stated "I like being on the board, because I like getting after people"). Falsifying documents to read that I refused chimney inspection (which is breach of contract). I did NOT refuse chimney inspection! Falsely stating I installed an awning on my unit without permission. I, as is permissible (and grandfathered in) according to our R&R'S, HUNG ON TWO HOOKS my signage ( my name on canvas in the form of an over the door canopy). Leslie Johnson's signage is on a boat ore securely fastened ( bolted ) on his unit. Many homeowners have their signage on their units in their own fashion, which is permissible within our R&R'S. When I refused to pay the bogus fines the HOA took me to court, with the HOA board president's (Charlie Pearson) son (Tom Pearson) as their attorney. The judge allowed the charges (not attorney fees) stating the HOA has the right to levy fines however, I can appeal to district court if I feel the fines are unjust, which I did. The board members, with altered documents, lied in district court to the judge and jury to get the judgment against me.

I have needed to see a psychologist (in MN and AZ) due to Raynaud's disease attacks from this stressful harassment as well as medical doctors (in MN and AZ). I have been injured in our swimming pool by an agent of our HOA (CPO Tammy Ott), dermatologist diagnosis, permanent skin nerve damage (pain), permanent skin hyper-pigmentation (cosmetic), (Chemical burn, doctor reports available) due to super chlorination of our pool water and instructed it was alright to enter the pool before safe to do so. I have been assaulted at our swimming pool by an agent of our HOA (Lynn Matuszak), (terrorist threat, police report available). I have been threatened by the HOA president's son (attorney - Thomas Charles Pearson of Gammello Qualley & Pearson, Mallak PLLC Law Office Baxter, MN). I have been and am refused access to records pertaining to servicing (Chemicals, etc.) of our swimming pool water. I am an equal owner (one of twenty) of our community property and it is my right as any homeowner to this access (others have access, but I do not). Much more additional detailed information on retaliation (harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Slander) available upon request.

Please go to the contact page to contact me.
Thank you for your support!

Is it not reasonable to expect honesty and fairness. To not be lied to or about. To follow rules and regulations and the state laws and expect all HOA members do as well. To not be retaliated against for insisting unwaveringly for ones rights. After all this is considered a free country with liberty and justice for all. If you reading this feel as I do, please contact me and lets fight together for better laws to protect homeowners living in HOA'S.

It is a terrible feeling to be falsely accused, falsely charged and receive an ill conceived judgement due to falsified documents and lies by dishonest board members to the judge and jury. I represented myself (no attorney) as I felt that all I needed to do was tell the truth - which I did. I found I was no match to 3 board members and the president's son as the HOA attorney.

I exposed dishonesty, abuse of authority, violation of our rules & regulations and unlawful operation of our public swimming pool. (whistle blower) For this I am retaliated against with harassment.

When a homeowner notices corruption in the HOA board I believe it must be exposed. Dishonest board members intimidate to instill fear which is to bring the homeowner into compliance. If this is allowed, then bullies prevail. I have not been and am not intimidated. Question: Does an unethical board govern or does the law and HOA rules and regulations govern? I say the latter! Join me in pursuing justice. We will prevail however, we must not be silent. All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

I need to emphasize these points; HOA president (Charlie Pearson) and his son, (attorney Tom Pearson) and HOA board members, Leslie Johnson and Mark Spizska all lied to the judge and jury under oath, to get their ill conceived verdict against me. I told the truth, as I took my oath. I have a clear conscience and peace of mind. Guilt free! However, I am saddened and frustrated living this insane nightmare my HOA has created. I ask here now, that people that can, will help bring about justice (we can and will prevail however, we must not be silent. Strength in numbers). The bottom line is this, to deprive a homeowner his or her basic rights is not only wrong but inhumane and illegal (criminal). Especially, when a persons health is threatened.

What is the function of an HOA board? My understanding is this: Board members are elected from the community to serve (NOTE: SERVE, NOT DICTATE!) They are to enforce the HOA rules and regulations (R&R'S) honestly, fairly and impartially. Board members are NOT above the HOA R&R'S or local/state laws. While majority rules in HOA'S, ONLY within HOA R&R'S! If one HOA member is following HOA R&R'S majority rule can not and must NOT interfere or discriminate against this HOA member (retaliation/harassment).

Retaliation/harassment continues.... Upon returning home from my winter stay in Arizona (I spend winters in a warm climate for health reasons), May 10, 2012, I found my neighbor (BOARD MEMBER, Mike Caron) installed a new dock and located it three/four feet closer (into) my docking space resulting in me not being able to dock a pontoon as before. When I confronted this board member I was told to move MY dock (at my expense) to regain the space they unethically took away from me. This is wrong and another form of harassment as their goal is to harass me into leaving my home (moving away) because I blew the whistle to the Minnesota department of health on them (for violating Baywood HOA Rules and Regulations which in doing so violated the laws of the Minnesota Health Department). I continue insisting (to the HOA and the Minnesota Health people) to abide by Baywood HOA Rules and Regulations and the laws of the state (In fact Federal laws, I believe). I plan to continue "doing the right thing". I, as well as anyone, need and am entitled to a safe, properly maintained community. Rules are RULES and the law is THE LAW! I believe and am informed this is a ' Human Rights Issue". An attorney has informed me the HOA is retaliating against me with "reckless, libel slander".

At the trial in district court, after I proved to the jury (with the amount of suit I captured from the chimney cleaning) that my chimney did NOT need cleaning, board president, Charlie Pearson's son (attorney Tom Pearson) Lied under oath to the jury stating " even if his chimney didn't need cleaning, he can't refuse chimney inspection". Truth is, I did NOT refuse chimney inspection. I encouraged chimney inspection. The board altered (falsified) the chimney inspection report to state that I refused inspection. I believe it is unlawful (perjury) to lie under oath? I can prove they lied!

HOA/CLERGY Abuse-Corruption organization goal is, of course to bring justice to this insane nightmare. ALSO, acquire good laws pertaining to HOA authority. Their must be consequences to harassment of homeowners by rouge board members slander- intimidation, to dictate their own agenda rather then follow community rules and regulations, violating state and federal laws. We read of people who steal and this is illegal. I was stolen from in court (swindle) by dishonest board members and their attorney. Either way this is theft. I've lost several thousand dollars.

September 2012 - Reign of Terror against me continues! State Sanitarian, Jeffrey Peterson is lax now in enforcing the LAW! (intimidated by the HOA board or bribed?) Minnesota Health department law states this (our) public swimming pool is to be serviced DAILY, it is NOT! The pool entry gate is to be self closing and latching, it is NOT. Pool Deck is cracked, chipped, uneven and dirty with weeds growing in the cracks and to the pool water's edge. What was once our regulation tennis court is now non-regulation and a playpen. Basketball, softball, bike riding, roller blading etc. Because the HOA board reduced the size to enlarge the parking lot all this done unethically as not brought to a vote by all home owners. The surface is not maintained properly, the basketball setup is broken and not secured properly to ensure safety. When I contacted the HOA board president, Charlie Pearson about this breach of "fiduciary responsibility" I received no response. However, board member, Don Cox replied, "Good enough." The condition while dangerous and unsafe, is also lowering of our property value. I have no assurance the water temperature is as agreed upon by membership, (82 degree's) or daily service records as I ( a home owner in good standing) am forbidden access to the pump building where the daily records are kept. I am discriminated on my own property by our HOA (I own this property equally with the other nineteen homeowners) I pay equally for the maintenance of our swimming pool yet have NO rights, at ALL! All this because I contacted the Minnesota Health authorities (whistle blower). Now a power play by the HOA against me. I have NO guilt, I did the right thing! I have a clear conscience, I have only sadness of an unethical unfair HOA. I will not tolerate being lied to or about without doing my utmost to expose these perpetrators and bring about justice.

I feel I am a victim of an "hate crime" for not compromising my principals and for insisting our HOA follow our own rules and regulations (R&R'S), obey the local, state and federal laws. A homeowner told me, talking about the swimming pool maintenance expense, "Now $40.00 a day, pretty expensive"! I replied, " Twenty homeowners equals out at $2.00 a day apiece and only for three summer months, not bad at all". If we're to have a swimming pool lets maintain it properly, besides, IT'S THE LAW! The HOA continues defying fully following our R&R'S, the law and now the MN state sanitarian is either intimidated or bribed by the HOA board because the law is NOT fully implied, sad indeed!

Harassment continues.......A flower pot near the entrance to my unit has for years produced beautiful blossoms. Since this retaliation from the HOA began, the flowers die and wither. I brought the pot to a landscape (flower) nursery and asked them, "why are my flowers dying"? They looked them over and said." is anyone urinating on them"? I believe so. If we are hated by those who do evil...we must know we are doing the right thing!

Harassment continues against me! Board member Mike Caron and his wife Donna live in unit #206 (next to me) and appear to be closely aligned to Leslie Johnson the 'egomaniac-control freak' board member who has and still is directing harassment against me. The Caron's build a huge wood fire on their patio with smoke driving me off my patio and needing to close the windows and doors of my home. I have contacted all homeowners and environmental authority people about the need to NOT have wood fires on patio's, due to the closeness of units. This is dangerous (fire hazard) as well as a health issue. In defiance, the Caron's built a huge fire on their patio on October 12, 2012, after they received my letter. I called 911 and the Lake Shore police came and investigated. I am informed a police report is on file. I contacted the City of Lake Shore environmental people (by letter) and am waiting a response. I have 'Asbestosis- lung disease' and my pulmonary doctor has instructed me to avoid second hand smoke, including smoke from wood fires. Mike and Donna Caron are aware of this however, continue building these fires.

I chose to buy into an HOA, to live by the R&R'S. I chose to contact proper authorities with violations by the HOA. I choose to stand up for truth and justice. I choose to trust God. I choose to believe in Jesus Christ and him crucified, as my Savior. Through my last breath I will live my life a spiritually "Born-Again" Christian believer. Eternity is forever. I choose to spend eternity with God and loved ones. The cross and preaching of the Cross of Christ is foolishness to those that parish. All things work together for good to those who love God. I love God.

Unsafe Stairway

Unsafe stairway
Dirty & unlit. Only one stairway light of five is lit. One light missing
was broken & not replaced.

Dead Tree

Dead Tree! Over Stairway!
Rotted Branches falling on Stairway. Dangerous to Public

Unmaintained Stairway

Day view of unmaintained stairway. (about 50ft.) Note: Green moss growing in cracks of paver stone & between steps.

Green Moss

Green moss growing in cracks of paver stone. Dangerous slip hazard accident waiting to happen!

Stairway Lighting

Stairway Lighting!
Only one light of five lighting.
One light fixture broken and not replaced. Dangerous!

Dangerous Stairway

Dangerous Stairway
Covered with growing moss in cracks of paver stone.

Deplorable Condition of Stairway

Deplorable Condition of Stairway Green slippery moss growing in & on stairway.

Night View of Stairway

Night view, Stairway going down about 50 ft.
Only one light of five lighting.
(Note: Near bottom) Grossly Dark & Dangerous!

The ill conceived judgment brought about by retaliation, dishonesty, has hurt me emotionally, physically, financially and stained my reputation and credit rating however, I continue the good fight for justice, by faith. I would do it all again. I stood up for basic human rights and spiritual principle.

Just recently, homeowner Mike Landy was appointed unto the HOA board and because he has spoke on my behalf several times (pertaining to retaliation against me) was, almost instantly booted of the board by non other than Leslie Johnson (main instigator against me), Charlie Pearson (board president), remaining two board members Mike Caron and Don Cox under the direction (I believe) of Charlie Pearson's son, attorney Tom Pearson (HOA attorney-who has threatened me). Father and son team. I believe it not ethical? Board (president) member's son representing the HOA board while his father is president of the board!

Please, join the cause for better laws, to stop HOA/CLERGY Abuse-Corruption.
All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing.

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