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Dishonesty, Greed, Unethical & Illegal Activities Within Sun City West, AZ HOA


Election of February 17, 2010, for three new HOA board members, was unethically (illegally) presented! Association CC&R's were not properly followed!

Therefore, the three people elected to the board, Richard (Dick) Soger, Joy Lilga and Thomas Haroldson was 'null and void'. When this was disclosed to the members at the meeting and a new properly conducted election be held, the HOA board refused and let the election results stand.

Petition of March 18, 2010, to throw out the February 17 election was properly taken resulting in more than required signatures, therefore, a new fair election was held resulting in only one of the three (Thomas Haroldson) elected in the February 17 election, properly elected. Elsie Nielson and Raymen Starkka were elected. Richard (Dick) Soger and Joy Lilga (impostors) were NOT elected yet their unethical egos refused to vacate their ill-conceived board seats!

The than illegal board refused to recognize the proper petition, new fair election and continued to operate as a legitimate HOA board. The HOA management people (PRM) chimed in with the illegal board, hiring an attorney (Paul Rubin of PRM stated, "I found them this attorney") to write an opinion which favored the flawed election of February 17 as legitimate and demonizing the members pursuing the new fair election. The illegitimate board spent hundreds if not thousands of association dollars justifying their actions. Facing enormous legal expense to expose dishonesty and present the truth, the members fighting for justice (unfortunately) disbanded, For two years Palomar HOA operated illegally. Decisions of spending HOA funds, hiring vendors etc. Unfortunately for PRM, their efforts to protect the illegitimate board went south as the illegitimate board fired PRM and hired PDS as management. Only then did Paul Rubin (PRM) state the truth, "you needed a new election" (February 17, 2010).

Then came the election (February 22, 2012) for three new board members. While unethical activity may have been practiced again in the voting process, the only unethical (dishonesty) proven was the statement of qualifications by candidate Doug Batey (unethical). Batey's statement read in part, " I have several years experience as a good board member for a neighborhood HOA. As a prior board member, I would support the following: Batey lists several issues of Palomar HOA he would continue supporting which could lead a voter to think he was a prior good Palomar HOA board member. When confronted Batey stated the statement was a "typo" made by the management people (PDS) and not he himself. Note: A typo usually is a misspelled word, not a misleading statement. When this and two other qualification statements by Batey were misleading and unethical, he was elected to the board, Not serious enough to pursue. After one year on the Palomar HOA board, Batey's use of the word good is now questionable.

Most Recent Election, February 20, 2013

Two new board members resulted in only the incumbents running unopposed.
Finally, a fair election??

UPDATE 12/06/2013, Palomar HOA - Sun City West, Arizona.
Unethical abusive treatment of homeowners rights? You decide!

$97,160.00 (as reported by PDS, HOA management) was paid out "unnecessarily" in the 2013 painting of buildings on Palomar HOA property. A survey of homeowners was conducted (prior to painting) when it was learned of the HOA board decision to paint buildings and HOA dues increase ($108.00 per unit per year).

The HOA board was asked to take a survey prior to painting, they refused so a survey was taken by homeowner Raymen Starkka, advocate of the (HOA Abuse-Corruption Organization).

Result of Survey
Approximately 4 to 1 against painting! - Allocate funds where needed instead! Painting not needed at this time! The board was informed of the survey and survey results prior to painting yet ignored the information and spent the money painting.

Full painting was not necessary as washing and touch up painting was only needed.

Complete disregard of homeowners rights as their voices (opinion) were not only not requested (heard) but stifled!

*Homeowners TV cable installed properly on outside wall has twice been severed by a shrub allowed to overgrow and sever the cable. HOA board states this is the homeowners' problem and the homeowner must secure the cable to protect it from the shrub. Homeowner maintains the HOA is at fault for not properly maintaining the shrub. The shrub is in common ground and common ground is the responsibility of the HOA. Problem persists. HOA will not maintain the shrub (trim) away from the wall and cable. Homeowner has no television service.

Examples of an ego driven unethical HOA board? Why? You decide! Respond on contact page.

HOA/CLERGY Abuse-Corruption Organization Mission
Good laws enacted protecting homeowners. Join us! Support us! Together we can make a difference!

Had there been in law, provision for the Attorney General of Arizona to investigate and bring charges of voter fraud and financial fraud these inept violators may not have been so brazen with their actions. As a Palomar HOA board member (Blaine Connerly) has stated, "You can do pretty much what you want on an HOA board. People will complain but do nothing". This is true and why is this true? People will understandably NOT spend the money for legal expenses, laws being so lax in protecting homeowners basic human rights in HOA's.

This is the reason HOA/CLERGY Abuse-Corruption organization has been formed (August 2012).

Our Primary Goal
Better laws to protect the vulnerable against ego-maniac control freaks on HOA boards. Please encourage others to visit the website to learn more and how they can help.

For additional information please click here to contact me.

"Justice will not be served until those unaffected are as outraged as those who are".
Benjamin Franklin